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Community Action Against Plastic Waste (CAPws) is on a mission to build the largest  community of Sustainable Consumption and Production (SDG 12) youth leaders in the world. The initiative through its “RestorationX10000” project aims to empower ten thousand (10,000) youths to lead community efforts to reduce plastic waste while creating meaningful income for young people within their community by 2025.

The plastic waste industry is projected to be worth 42.2 billion USD by 2027 and our vision at CAPws is to make the opportunity within this industry accessible to youths in their community across the world. CAPws leverages the technical and strategic partnership with stakeholders in the sustainability and climate action sector around the world.

UN Sustainable Development Goals
UN Sustainable Development Goals
CAPws Community Rwanda @ Shyorongi/Ngoma - Rulindo
CAPws Community Rwanda @ Shyorongi/Ngoma - Rulindo

What have we done?

In our short time of running, CAPws has grown into a global phenomenon, with cleanup and restoration activities across three (3) continents. As a commitment to our purpose, we are not stopping at any cost in our drive to empower more than 5000 youth leaders driving change and climate actions in their communities.


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