Great ideas they say, are born when great minds meet. CAPws was birthed from the need to tackle the three (3) major planetary boundary threats: Loss of Biodiversity, Climate Change and Pollution. The global south accounts for more than 80% of mismanaged plastic wastes. This is due to ineffective waste management systems. However, the devastating effects in our communities and nations threaten our sustainability as a people. Yet, innovations in circular plastic economy promises to alleviate these problems while creating prosperity. Hence, CAPws set out on a mission to address the economic impact of plastic waste within our ecosystems. CAPws is now operating in more than 21 countries and across Africa, Asia Pacific and Latin America. 

Vision and Mission

At CAPws, our call is to see a world rid off plastic waste and benefiting from the menace plastic has caused in a growing and fast changing economy.

We are empowering young people all over the world to develop strategies, leadership skills, collaborations, institutions, and to build resilient community in achieving net zero position with the environment and help proliferate the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Core Values

CAPws is committed to following strict ethical standards in our actions and decision making enshrined by our people. We understand that sustaining the interests of CAPws and the general public supersedes our personal interests. That is why we have encapsulated our values and ethos in the following:

Executive Team

Ahmed "Timi" Tiamiyu

Executive Director/Co-founder

Jubril Gbolahan Adigun (ask4jubad)

Operations Director/Co-founder

Tolulope Oloyede

Director of Research and Policy

Our Country Representatives

We are grateful to our different Country Directors for the strong commitment to the nagging cause of making the planet a better and safer place for us.

Maxwell Mensah-Dotsey

Country Director Ghana

Ali Hamad Omar

Country Director Zanzibar

Sam Sheka Moi

Country Director Sierra Leone

 Cedrick Nkundwanabake

Country Director Rwanda

 Lueth Reng Lueth

Country Director South Sudan

 Takunda Chikuvire

Country Director Zimbabwe

 Nairobi Dlangalala

Country Director South Africa

 Nikume Aime Eloge

Country Director Burundi

 Esita Tuiwainunu

Country Director Fiji (Team President)

Zakir Hussain

Country Director Pakistan

Jose Luis Moncada

Country Director Venezuela

Elijah B. C Zarzar

Country Director Liberia

Dabe Bi Kie Yves Blanchard

Country Director Côte d'Ivoire

Magreth Shoni

Country Director Tanzania

Alieu Chat Sanyang

Country Director

Ecole de projets

Country Director

Erick Mutua

Country Director Kenya

Sarah-Derval Ephosi Lifanda

Country Director Cameroon

Operations Team

Samuel Maduekwe

CAPws South-East Nigeria

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